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About Us

Asia Innovations Group Limited

Founded in 2013, AIG serves over 520 million users located in over 150 countries and regions worldwide. Focusing on major emerging markets, AIG leverages its track record of innovation, cutting-edge technology, a scalable global infrastructure, and global insights with local expertise to deliver user and shareholder value based on the most exciting growth opportunities in the live social marketplace.

Uplive USA


More than 290 million registered users (as of Dec. 31, 2021) from over 150 countries and regions have made Uplive the largest independent video social entertainment platform globally.


Launched in 2016, the live video platform rapidly expanded operations to Asia-Pacific, Middle East and North Africa, North America, Latin America, and other global hubs.


Uplive allows live video hosts to broadcast to the world, sharing their talents and building connections in real time with users across the globe. Twitter recognized Uplive as one of the most influential international brands in 2019.


Uplive Worldstage is the home to Uplive events and streamers gathered to compete, collaborate and network out at music and entertainment events exclusively on the Uplive live streaming app. From talent competitions to music parties, virtual nightlife events and more. Be sure to check it out and come vibe out!

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