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  1. Welcome to the Worldstage Legends Livehouse!

  2. We envision that this Livehouse will be organized every month, with the goal of featuring you, the Legends of Worldstage. 

  3. As organizers, we expect that you fully read, understand and comply to the standards set for the Worldstage Legends Livehouse to ensure the HIGHEST of performance quality and viewership. 

  4. Your participation in future Legend Livehouses will depend on your performance and co-operation throughout the organizing of this event. 

  5. The organizers remain the rights to deny or revoke your participation at any given time for any non-compliance or violations. 




  1. Plan out your performances by having a list of songs / repertoire that should be nothing less than amazing

  2. You will be asked to submit your song list / repertoire in the Legend's chat group. Please submit ASAP when asked. ​

  3. Ensure that you have sufficient practice. 


  1. You are fully in charge of promoting your own Livehouse sessions. 

  2. The organizer's focus is to promote the entire Livehouse AS A WHOLE through general Video or Visual promotions. 

  3. We expect that you share these contents and aggressively promote your Livehouse session at least to ensure that you have viewership during your Livehouse.​​

  4. Channels to promote:

    • Your social media via Posts and Stories. Please tag @upliveworldstage & @uplive.usa wherever possible.​​​

    • Request for your fans / friends / agency to also share it on their social media too.

    • Group chats. (Your agency group chats, public group chats, other event group chats, etc).

    • Uplive moments. Your moments + request for your fans / friends / agency to also share it on their moments.

    • Personal messages to your followers in Uplive app / other IMs you use.

    • Any other channels you have access to.


  1. When promoting your Livehouse, should there be any Special Campaigns provided by the organizer, ensure that you actively and aggressively promote that too!

  2. Please check Legends Telegram group chat for exact details of special campaign (if any).


  1. You are encouraged to actively use the Promotion Contents provided by organizers to promote your Livehouse.

  2. You are allowed to create your own content, as long as it contains all necessary branding and information of Worldstage and Worldstage Legends Livehouse.

  3. If you are adapting / modifying these Worldstage Branded videos, avatar or posters, ensure you do not obstruct / omit any form of branding or message in it.; and 

  4. Ensure that your final promotion product is of high quality, properly designed, clean and consistent with the Worldstage branding. 

  5. DO NOT include unwanted / unnecessary watermarks.

  6. DO NOT include anything offensive / provocative.

  7. Send a copy of your modified content in the Legend's group chat to get validation before sending out. 


  1. Ensure the best of audio & video quality possible. 

  2. Ensure the best setup possible when it comes to sound experience, video clarity, lighting conditions, backdrop / background. 

  3. Ensure that you are dressed well, fashionable but decent for the performance, 

  4. Ensure that you are in the best presentable condition (makeups, hair-do, props, etc).

  5. ABSOLUTELY NO half-hearted, "I just woke up" / "I'm just gonna wing it" type of performances. 


  1. Please be 100% ready and GO LIVE at least 30 minutes before your Livehouse timeslot. 

  2. When asked for confirmation in the group chat if you are going live, please respond to confirm or we will cancel your session. 

  3. Use the extra time before your Livehouse to share your broadcast effectively. 

  4. You may use another device / computer to monitor your own performance from the Livehouse stream. (open using desktop)

  5. If you are unable to make it to your Livehouse, please inform in the Legends group chat at least 2 hours in advance. 

  6. Missing a Livehouse without good proof of reason will greatly impact our decision whether or not to allow you to participate in future Legend Livehouses. 



Whenever it is time to start or to end there will be a 30 seconds countdown. When it is in zero you are online or offline.


It will show "Performing" when it is your turn to perform.


In the Livehouse stream, your pictures will show up with your time scheduled here and there is also a follow button up left.

You can ask viewers to follow you from Livehouse stream and you can also read all the comments on Livehouse International as it will appear in your stream's comments. 


  1. Perform (obviously...)

  2. Promote yourself as a Legend of Worldstage

  3. Encourage viewers to follow / gift you

  4. Encourage viewers to join / watch upcoming Worldstage Auditions (visit

  5. Tell people about the Special Campaign (Watch & Win 1000uCoins)


When addressing Worldstage, it is an Official Talent Competition of Uplive USA! DO NOT address it as a PNP event. 



  1. Your entire stream will be recorded to be made into more contents featuring you and your performance. 

  2. Hence, perform your very best 

  3. You should continue to stay online after your Livehouse to interact with new fans if any and continue to entertain. 



  1. All gifts you received during your Livehouses both in your stream AND in the Livehouse stream will go directly to the host that is performing. 

  2. This is great way to go big to meet your monthly goals so go all out!


  1. All aspects of your Livehouse  participation before and during the Livehouse will be reviewed.

  2. We will collect data in terms of your viewership, following & earnings for performance improvement and also to review your next participation in Livehouse. 

  3. We welcome performing Legends to join again.

  4. We will review Legends who underperform / commited violations / non-cooperative 


If you have read this guideline, please text "ROGER 123" in the Legends group chat now!

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