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Uplive Artist

Hana Giraldo


Short Bio

Hana Giraldo is a singer, actress and fashion designer. She is known for her hit songs ‘2 Hits,’ ‘Insanity’ and ‘Tote - Gimme that Bass,’ and has also appeared in numerous music videos. As an actress, she has featured in many television series and films, including ‘Big Baby’ and ‘A Christmas Cruise.’ An avid fashionista, she owns a fashion line called ‘RiptLA’ that produces custom t-shirts and vintage clothing.

Hailing from a musical background, Giraldo is also recognized as a daughter of the songwriter cum guitarist Neil Giraldo and pop queen Pat Benatar. Her fans also admire her for the comedy videos she shares on various social media outlets like Instagram and YouTube. The multitalented artist is also an anti-bullying activist and motivates people in raising their voices against bullying. On a personal note, Giraldo is a happy-go-lucky kind of a woman who loves spending her leisure time with her family, friends, and boyfriend.

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