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Brazilian professional musician since 1991!
Music is life, music is love and love is the verb!

I started my career in 1992 with the MPB duo “Eliton & André”, and the professional recognition came in 1996 with the winning of 1st place at “Canta Rio Sul”, a festival held by the affiliate of Rede Globo, a Brazilian television network.

I worked with renowned artists in Latin America, such as Guilherme Arantes, Geraldo Azevedo, Zé Renato (Boca Livre), Cássia Eller, Isabella Taviani and Moraes Moreira.

A friend who was already a host on Uplive told me that, with the talent I had, I could generate an income by going live. At the first month I was learning, but by the second month, I was able make my first withdrawal in the App. Good vybes all the way!!!

Catch me live on Uplive :

Random Brazil Time

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