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Sony Music

United Kingdom

Bluesman with a heart of gold'

Ben Railway Robey has made a huge impact as a gifted Music Artist throughout their career so far. Their range and talent has made them a true musical force to be reckoned with.

Ben Railway Robey.
Reviewed by top bloggers such as A&R FACTORY and quoted as 'The blues reborn' and 'The ultimate blues underdog'. Bold statements such as those mentioned don't even begin to tell you a story of this incredible artist and songwriter, Ben has now embarked on his new journey despite the difficult times of this generation living through, (covid19) it has not stopped Ben from his journey of blues.

Ben has proudly announced his signing to VIP Recordings/The Orchard/Sony Music and is hugely excited to release his ep/album 'One day I'm gunna be more' which debuted at number 6 in the USA blues iTunes charts.

If you seek passion and belief with grit in a song then this will not disappoint you, you will find yourself on a journey in your own way.
The beginning is now, and we are all excited to see where it leads, for the future Ben is already working on his debut vinyl , 2021 will see Ben ending the year with him touring across the US,UK and Japan.

Thank you to everyone involved, i am so blessed for you all and the support you continue to give.
Special thanks i feel need to be said to my band Mike,Rusty and Si, you guys are amazing.
Lastly Thank you to Sebastian and my label for their belief.

Catch me live on Uplive :

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