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H Greg Baker know as My BigGuy well where to start i have always had a love of singing as long as I can remember and as i got older people would tell me that i had a good singing voice. While growing up my family would love to sing and that love for singing was passed on to me. my mum and dad would ask me if i ever planned to do anything with my singing and this led me me to lead vocals in my church youth band. while I attended high school I was able to to do sound engineering and vocal training and got involved with the school chapel band and to this day am involved with my church helping lead worship.

so my journey on uplive I was on an other appa friend told me to come make money on this app and that was about 5 years ago.

i joined world stage back in august 2021 no sound card but i was invited by someone who could see my potential And I will be forever great full to Ben railway Robey came a long side me and mentored me as i was about to face the hardest part of my uplive journey and world stage journey. my sister was battling for 5 years a brain cancer and she was told she had not much time to live and end passing away. i hit depression that on top of all the haters out there telling me you cant sing i would have quit. there came a point where if Ben was not there to support me i would have quit

Well i can now after around 11 tries say to the haters I did it you were wrong,

let me give some advice the haters are going to try to knock you down no matter how many times they knock you down get back up. surround your self with people that are positive and share your goals and dreams.

#never give up level up

Catch me live on Uplive :

9:30PM to 2:30AM AEST 10am-12pm AEST

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