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Star City


Hey! I'm Chechina! Singer, songwriter, artist and just a wonderful person!

Passionately in love with music and shows, I am engaged in staging creative numbers on stage, directed and wrote a musical for 30 people, wrote more than a hundred songs for myself and other artists. In 2019, I founded my startup and record label Flow Up.
Together with the team I worked with artists around the world and won the "Field of Miracles" competition on national television.

In September 2021, I started streaming and immediately got into the Uplive Worldstage competition, which gave me an incredible platform to express my creativity. I am a also a professional social media marketer. The main direction - personal blogging and marketing in the music industry.

I love Uplive for its people and creativity!
Waiting for you on my streams....

Catch me live on Uplive :

Random Moscow Time

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