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Bee Hive Agency


Hey there! Cristina Jovellano here but you can call me Cris or tina or Hye Jin- yep that's my Korean name. Your versatile & multi-lingual singer.

The first time I joined Uplive was January 2021. Uplive is my first streaming app. Started here as a total stranger with nothing but my passion for singing and music. As a professional stage performer for over more than a decade, being used to live streaming is not that easy at all lolz.

I joined Worldstage twice. I was not able to make it the first time but never gave up so I tried again with Singing for the World with Paula Abdul 2022 and was able to be in the final Top 3 and now a Worldstage Legend. Thank you Worldstage for the great opportunity!

Been streaming in Uplive for more than a year and now managing my own agency. So If you're looking for an agency message our Facebook page:

Just in case you guys want to know ;) lol

Musical influences: A lot.
Musical instruments I can play with: Guitar & Piano
Musical genre: Easy listening, Disco, Crossover, Pop Jazz, Rhythm & blues, Bossa Nova, Latin music, Christian music etc.
Vocal range: contralto-mezzo soprano-coloratura soprano

See you guys around Uplive!

Catch me live on Uplive :

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