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I am Earl John Zyrus Sarmiento, better known as Earlzy in the Uplive community. I am a member of the TS GS superstar agency.

I believe I have accomplished so many things that most of the people of my age can only aspire to be.

I am former Gay Beauty Pageant title holder back in 2017-2018, A former back up dancer on Channel 7 in "BET NG BAYAN" a Television Talent Competition. and now I venture my talent here on uplive that lead me to be in the Superslam Worldstage Top 5.
I can sing, dance,do drag performances and comedy acts that many of my audiences love.

I make it a point that my every performance is always entertaining and engaging.

But I am not stopping there. I am still discovering every possibilities and opportunities that life may throw at me.

Catch me live on Uplive :

9:00 Pm - 11:59 PM Philippines time

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