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Golden Lion


Jasmine, a 25-year old freelance artist with the passion for singing, is a graduate of Doctor of Dental Medicine in Centro Escolar University, Manila. Before her clinical years in college, she was an active member of CEU Makati Dramatic guild for 5 years. Though she never pursued her career as a singer, the Covid-19 pandemic brought her to discover the online streaming world via Uplive in January 2021. Driven by passion, the app became her platform in showcasing her love for music. A Pop, Rock, Disney/Broadway singer, she became one of the Uplive Worldstage Legends in February 2021. She then went on to host the Pop Music Party every Friday helping other talents network on the app through music!

Her hobbies includes watching Kdrama, doing HMU and travelling. She is also an #Arianator who collects Ariana Grande’s merch and a certified #Furmom with 4 cats and 11 dogs. She loves to eat ALOT especially salmon. Join her in her stream where she shares her life creating beautiful smiles through her love for the arts and music, making the world a better place one smile at a time.

For collab/inquiries 💌

Catch me live on Uplive :

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