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Dragon Agency


"Born into a family of musicians, music has always accompanied me in my life. I started singing when I was a child, as a self-taught person. Growing up, I took part as a vocalist for some funk and jazz bands. Then, I continued choosing the best musical style: black music.

My favorite artists have always been, Whitney Houston, Stevie Wonder, and other big souls and r&b. I continued my singing path by participating to the selections for some talents.

Unfortunately, however, I was unable to go further and this had discouraged me over the years.
My dream of becoming an established singer was gone. I continued for a long time to sing alone and often record covers that I published on social networks. I found a lot of affection and pleasure in listening to me.

So, in February 2022 I join the Dragon Agency, welcomed by Mamanu and Indica, who pushed me to make myself known and to make my voice known to the whole world.

Little by little, encouraged by them to always give my best, I made myself known. Finally I took part in this wonderful experience: Worldstage, which in addition to giving me so many emotions arriving at the final, made me the best of Europe and UK region."

Catch me live on Uplive :

Random Italy Time

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