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Uproar Agency (PH)


An IT by profession, and a Wedding singer, Event performer, Guitarist and Vocalists of my Acoustic Band D' Ermanos Acoustics Duo ( the Brothers Acoustics duo), an experienced musician, instrumentalist performing in various events and collaborated with different bands, quartet ensemble and musician friends. A former FM radio disc jockey delivering beautiful songs that gives entertainment to our audiences by introducing variety of songs from the 70's to the latest hits in billboard chart.

What is your connection to music? How did it begin?
Most of us listened to the same music as our parents do and my connection to music takes me back when I was 8 yrs old. I can still remember when my father used to play the Air Supply on his car stereo and I will sing along with it... that's how my parents discovered my singing talent. From there, my parents helped me nurture my talents and then I started joining Amateur singing contest and even joined the Church choir. My connection to music strengthened our family relationship because it makes us happy and whatever emotions the music brings us, it inspires us no matter what the genre is.

My music inspiration comes from my family, friends, people around me who always believe in my talent as well as people who wants to spread music and create a positive impact in our society based from our life experiences, trials, hopes, and dreams. As the saying goes, Music is the universal language of Mankind.

UPLIVE has helped not just me but everyone to cope with this pandemic that even if we are physically isolated we somehow established a room to socialize and showcase our talent in virtual world. I am really grateful for this opportunity to be one of the artists here in UPLIVE.

Catch me live on Uplive :

10 AM PHT Daily

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