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Shikainah: The Versatile Empress is a 22 year old graduating student of Bachelor of Science in Education major in English at St. Joseph College Rodriguez.
She started singing at the very young age and joined beauty contests at school. She enjoys singing and dancing together with her family, she's also a choir member at their church and went to dance ministry and sing a few weddings. And as she grows she want to improve and expose her talent by trying new things to stretch her capability. At her young age she learned to make way to supply her own educational needs by selling make-up, beauty products and suchlike. She learned and was encouraged to do business because Shikainah's family loves to do business even in small ways.

Before the pandemic someone told her to try live streaming and that was she learned about the UPLIVE in September 2020.

Shikainah struggled at first but eventually she loved and enjoyed the innovative provision of entertainment to the public through multimedia. And of January 2021 she joined the revered battle of talents at Uplive Worldstage and clinched first place as Worldstage Legend.

Please do catch Shikainah on her social media sites. Witness the versatility in her young voice and fresh moves.

Catch me live on Uplive :

9:00 PM onwards Philippines time

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