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When I was starting my career, I worked behind the scenes wishfully wondering when my time would come. I started dancing since I was a child and discovered the love for singing when I was 8. Every time there was an audition or competition, I feel so unqualified and intimidated, I clung to those words knowing that I had no option but to allow myself to try. Joined a band in 2007 while I was earning my Degree in Music, won a lot of singing and dancing completion, yet of course I wasn’t always successful. But because I tried enough times, I took home countless lessons, chased the nerves away, and got comfortable in chasing my dreams. 2013, when I take a leap of faith went abroad and became a singer of a band.

It was when I thought I was already becoming the person I dreamt to be but then pandemic happened. Hotels and Bars were closed and I have nowhere to go, in a foreign place where I have no one to rely with but myself. Looking back, I discovered so many versions of myself on this journey. It was 2020 when I started streaming in UPLIVE where my journey started in becoming the WORDLSTAGE Champion in September the same year. Learned that I was capable of so much more. I have also become the Champion in the very first Uplive Asian Singing Competition.

I now realized that big break wasn’t about a big break. It was a series of little steps that led from one to another, helping me inch closer to my goal. It was all the seemingly mundane tasks that brought me here.

Catch me live on Uplive :

Every 4pm - 7pm EST, 4am - 7am Philippines time

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