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ロボットレストラン 元dancer。DANCE battle(大会)最強タッグベスト8、グダグダb-boy 優勝、グダグダnightベスト8、agehaカウントダウンイベントゲスト出演やCapsuleのバックダンサーなどダンサーとして活躍。




misonoプロデュース ファイナリスト。イベントでの総売上370万17(イチナナ) フォロワー4万人、ミクチャ 1200人2022年6月には俳優として初出演する映画『タイムスリーパー刻子』が公開。

Former dancer in a restaurant. DANCE battle (tournament) in best 8, Gudaguda b-boy winner, Gudaguda night best 8, ageha countdown event guest appearance and Capsule back dancer active as a dancer.

In the distribution event "Misono Produce Artist Audition" that he participated in 2021, he became the finalist by winning the 1st place in the qualifying etc., although it was the first distribution in the mix channel. Total sales at the event exceed 3.7 million yen.

Currently, he is also active as a designer, selling smartphone covers with original designs printed on them at the request of Yamada Denki's shopping site "Yamada Mall", selling original design smartphone cases, and selling pictures he wrote and original design accessories.

From July 2021, he own radio broadcast will start on Rainbow Town FM, where he will be her main personality.

He produced for Misono in the finals. Total sales at the event 3.7 million 17 (Ichinana) 40,000 followers, Mikucha 1200 of him In June 2022, the movie "Time Sleeper Kiko", which will appear for the first time as an actor, will be released.

Catch me live on Uplive :

Tokyo 16:00~22:00 or 18:00~23:00

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