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Upon hearing her name "Zurca" for the first time, most thinks she is other than a Filipina. But she got her first name, Zurcareva, just by reading her maiden last name backwards, Veracruz, only adding ""a."" And she is 100% Filipino.

Hailing from Marikina, Philippines, this 42-year-old is a graduate of BA Business Administration from Miriam College. She was a part of the Miriam Liturgical Choir where she honed her voice as a soprano 1 with a conductress from the world-known Philippine Madrigal Singers.

She is currently a supervisor from a Mutual Benefit Association handling life insurance sales and been with the company for almost 22 years. At work, she also is a member of the AFPMBAI Chorale and performs in company events.

While working fulltime during the 5-day work week, she also had a chance to be with acoustic bands performing at bars and events. This has widened her musicality and even tried hosting.

Before the end of 2014, she was surprised to have Breast Cancer stage 2A. Despite expensive required medications and therapies, she has managed to survive for more than 7 years now! All for the love of family. She is blessed with a 10-year old son.

The start of pandemic in 2020 has been a challenge for everyone. She has been looking for additional income and was fortunate enough to be introduced with Uplive in Sept 2020. She was struggling at first but she got to win some contests, and has been a part of the prestigious Worldstage Legends in 2021. Since then, she can't get enough of Uplive and gained new more friends.

Everyone is welcome to check her out do a wide variety of songs and genres in Uplive, spreading not only good music, but also good vibes, positivity and inspiration.

Catch me live on Uplive :

Around 9pm-11pm Philippines time

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