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2021 international fashion Miss Travel Beauty Pageant

Overall event period: 4/16 03:00:00 - 7/18 08:59:59 PT

The overall rank counts the total points collected by host across all 3 stages

North America hosts enter the NA Region ranks Hosts from remaining regions enter the International ranks

Collect event gifts to compete in ranking (1U = 1 Point & BRAVO = 100 Points)

Top 30 hosts in overall ranking with at least 200K total points are rewarded as follows:

*Eligible to participate in each region's offline contest (Offline contest is arranged by our main organizer Star Alliance Culture Inc.)

*Pageant Official Social Media Advert

*Uplive USA Youtube Advert

*Uplive USA Instagram Shoutout


*Regional offline contest winners will be eligible to participate in the global finals held in San Francisco during December

*Costs such as plane ticket and hotels are paid by the contestants, the main organizer Star Alliance Inc.

For more details, check it here on Uplive!


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