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6 Reasons Why LiveStreaming Is The New "Netflix & Chill."

Live streaming provides a sense of excitement for your audience. The live stream itself is inherently all about community. It makes your customers feel inclusive and exclusive simultaneously.

6. Welcome To The World of Livestream!

Livestreaming hasn't been around for very long in comparison to other social media channels, but has quickly gained traction and the attention of people who are always looking for a new way to deliver content. The industry is projected to skyrocket in the coming years, especially now in 2020 and will change the way that content is produced and consumed. That's why you need to know the overall effectiveness and benefits of livestreaming.

5. Audience Consume Content According To Your Time

One of the most important benefits of livestreaming is the fact that content is consumed for the streamer's timetable and not the consumers. This means that streamers will only be engaging with consumers and audience that care about their business, brand, and lifestyle since they find the content valuable to them. Through the power of live streaming, streamers are able to automatically target content to viewers who are more likely to convert and follow them. There is no other content marketing channel that offers you this!

4. There is A Genuine Community Built Behind Livestreaming

"Certain livestream apps such as ours provides a platform for users to play games, view global broadcasts, or go live applying facial filters to beautify or add fun animation effects while enabling viewers to send virtual gifts to their favorite talented host. Viewers can search streams by geographic location, by genre, language or by their followed favorites. Social engagement via chat comments or our 9 chair party feature allows hosts to directly interact with their viewers or other hosts, as well as challenge fellow hosts to a player battle, for a short time period, splitting the screen as the countdown prompts viewer to send gifts to determine the winner." - Ouyang Yun, President of Uplive.

3. Real Time Engagement & Connections Formed

The primary reason why livestreaming is making a large dent in content marketing is the fact that it offers real-time user engagement. This offers streamers a direct conversation with customers and target audience. When you have a blog or social media post, the visitor is reading a work of the past. For livestreamers, the biggest benefit is its real-time engagement that is essential to all parties as it offers live support for users, Q&A sessions, and behind the scenes.

2. Less Time To Produces Means More Entertainment

Content creators spend a great amount of time creating, designing, editing, filtering and customizing every single post, video, email or story. Through livestreaming, they have the ability to create even more entertainment for their audience since there isn't much planning. It is more relaxed in this 'real time' format.

1. You Can Make Money & Costs You Nothing to Start

When you join any livestream platforms, it is completely free. The best part about certain platforms nowadays is the ability to generate cashflow through apps without any fuss! You do not have to get any special equipment, software or hardware. All you need is a phone, tablet ,or laptop that has a camera and an account on your chosen platform. Think about traditional blogging and social media content production-- it requires the correct setup such as hosting and platforms. However, Livestreaming is different as it is an ecosystem that is open to anyone willing to put the time in.


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