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Earn in pajamas by Beautifulbbw

Story submitted by BeautifulBBW UpliveID : beautiful30

Hi my name is BeautifulBBW/UpID- beautiful30 I am a UpLive contracted host I have been on the platform for a year and four months now.

I am with the PNP family that stands for Power And Positivity, A little about my background I am a mother of five, my occupation before joining UpLive was a self-employed hairstylist. Even though the money was good I still struggled from time to time. I remember telling a friend of mine how I needed to earn some extra income and I needed it at that very moment With bills piling up and options few a friend of mine introduced me to UpLive.

I must admit I was a little skeptical!!

But I figured why not give it a try, one thing I’ve learned in my life is sometimes you have to take a chance, or you could miss your blessings. Thank God I decided to give it a try anyways. UpLive has blessed me in so many ways, never have I ever thought that I would come this far and grow to love so many wonderful people on this app and more importantly be so stable with income. This has been a wonderful journey and I’m happy that I decided to continue on this path. I remember having to ask for help paying my electric bill one month in the beginning when I first started UpLive needless to say now I’m fortunate to be able to pay my electric plus all my other bills On time.

Now I am able to take care of my bills and my family with no issue.

I have became one of the success stories on UpLive reaching over 600,000uCoins in one month and another 580,000uCoins just last month on UpLive I would say that is a huge blessing. And a huge weight of my shoulders. I host a UPLive sponsored Event every Tuesday... And Everyone Loves It. Ask me a year ago if I thought any of this was possible and I would have definitely said NO. Please consider giving UpLive a try if your in need or some extra income or if your just looking to make some money laying around your home. You won’t regret it!!! I took a leap of faith and it paid off. Just like any business you have to put money into it in order to get a return but it is well worth it in the long run.

Thank you UpLive this has been a life-changing experience and I’m thankful. This is my story and I hope that I was a inspiration to anyone looking for A outlet or a source of income or just somewhere to call home. I know how stressful and how scary it could be when you are struggling and looking for a way out with no help.

But I am here to assure you that with a little hard work and a whole lot of faith You to could become a contracted host making good money and having wonderful supporters all you have to do is trust the process. Please take my words of encouragement and remember that life is what you make it so make it your best life live it to the fullest, take chances, meet new people, live laugh and love and most of all stay true to yourself .... consider me your friend because I am introducing you to a UpLive today.

So download the UpLive Application today and increase your income. You can do it right from the comfort of your own home in your pajamas it’s that easy!!! Be your own Boss!!!


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