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Equip yourself for battles!

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

Getting ready for Superslam battles this September?

Be sure to check out the store to equip yourselves with some items.

Strategy will be super important; for example if you are a singer, and you just got served an opponent who is a dance talent, perhaps consider a Camera Bow or a Camera Crossbow that has enables you to attack by closing your opponents camera!

Image: Camera attack weapons!

View all items available in the Superslam Store!

Superslam Store is where you can purchase battle Items using Gems that you earn from Worldstage Superslam or Worldstage events.

Items are categorised into:-

  • Attack Items : used to disrupt or destroy your opponents performance

  • Defense Items : used to defend yourself against opponents attacks

  • Wealth Items : used to give you an advantage on uCoins support; event if you don't have supporters or they don't show up.

  • Passes : exclusive special purpose items

  • Avatars : enhance your profile, look good, feel great and capture attention

  • Seasonal : items that are only available for a period of time or with an offer

Each item has its own capability and specific use.

Strategize your purchase according to your own strengths and weaknesses while also understanding your opponents'.

  1. The Superslam Store open for 2 days every week

  2. You can only purchase items at the store when it is open.

  3. The Game Masters will also alert everyone through the official chat channels when the Store is open for transactions.

The Superslam store opens and closes at these times weekly.

New York (Eastern Time)

Every Monday 9pm - Wednesday 9am

Rio De Janeiro

Every Monday 10pm - Wednesday 10am


Every Tuesday 3am - Wednesday 3pm


Every Tuesday 4am - Wednesday 4pm

Beijing / Manila / Kuala Lumpur

Every Tuesday 9am - Wednesday 9pm


Every Tuesday 11am - Wednesday 11pm

Check out the full guide on Superslam Store.



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