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February 2022 Semi Finals Match Fixture

Updated: Feb 20, 2022

Here's the Match Fixture for February Semi Finals

Download PDF version here :

Download PDF • 68KB

Quarter Finals rules:

  1. Players will be assigned an opponent by Random for a 1 vs 1 knockout battle. OUTPERFORM YOUR OPPONENT!!

  2. Players will take turns to battle with their opponent at allocated time.

  3. Judges will cast their votes to player whom they think has the better and more entertaining performance.

  4. Each judge has 1 vote

  5. 2 minutes will be given to each Player for Audience to send uCoins support (Fan Vote) to their favorite performer.

  6. Whoever has the higher Fan Vote between 2 contestants will get +2 extra votes.

  7. Player with the higher vote count will move on to the next round. The other gets knocked out.

  8. Should there be a draw in vote counts, 2 minute timer will be restart for uCoin support. Judge votes will no longer count. Contestant with the higher uCoin support will proceed to the next round.

Note :

  • NO Judge Wildcards to revive knocked out contestants

  • Stream gift sharing : 50%

Phil Awards social media contest. Share your picture in this album. Top 2 with most likes win 1000ucoins each, sponsored by Bob Belcher!

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