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Inspirational R&B artist Justin Park partners with Uplive USA

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Following the partnership with Amber Liu, rising R&B recording artist Justin Park has signed to partner with Uplive USA, a global live streaming platform, to connect with fans and users worldwide.

With music as an important component of Justin’s life, his passion has allowed him to achieve recognition through songwriting and singing. Born in California, Justin Park was brought up in a Korean-American household, which he proudly represents and supports the community through social events such as #IAMASIANAMERICAN.

Determined to spread his talent, Justin joined 5A LABEL in 2014 to further strengthen his skills. Since then, Justin has undergone training to transform into a global singer songwriter. He has written for several Kpop artists, including the hit ‘THAT’S MY JAM’ by B.A.P..

Despite his past of growing up with a dismantled family and inconsistent friends from constant school transferring, it only enhanced his positive personality and soulful music. During an interview with The Lunch Table production, Justin mentioned that his life and experiences inspires his songwriting, which provides an emotional touch to his music. It also motivates Justin to spread optimism and hope through his work. Such as recently, Justin Park released a single track “XL UBER”, written by himself and Amber Liu, on June 27th. The song encourages audiences to live their dream, as well as whether those dreams live up to expectations. With his sentimental lyrics and charming voice, the single has reached 40K plays on Youtube within couple of days.

Apart from his music, Justin Park is also known through his love for fitness. As quoted from his recent Instagram post, “Fitness, and athleticism have always been huge focuses in my life. When I’m not working out, I’m either dancing, singing, or finding other ways to keep both my mind and body active. Just like the dreams we chase, our bodies need carefully planned, and consistent programs to keep us growing…” With his athletic physique, he models for multiple clothing brands such as Revenge and Drifter.

Uplive serves as a channel for Justin Park to promote his music, specifically his greatly anticipated debut album, which is scheduled to release in summer of 2018 under 5A LABEL. Witness the talent and personality of the rising R&B star Justin Park at KCON at LA Convention Center, as he will be performing on Friday 10th of August at 14:30. For a closer interaction, Justin will be visiting Uplive’s booth at KCON on Sunday 12th of August at 14:30. Be sure to follow Uplive’s social media for further information on Justin Park’s appearance at the event. Moreover, connect with Justin Park through live streams by downloading the app at and follow him @JustinParkOfficial!

About UpLive:

Launched in May, 2016, Uplive is a live-streaming platform that allows viewers to broadcast and view real-time videos via their smartphones. The platforms unique blockchain protocol allows users the ability to send virtual gifts to content creators, which can then be exchanged for money. Currently available in over 100 countries and with 100,000+ broadcasters and over 60 million downloads worldwide, the app currently supports sixteen languages including Arabic, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Thai. In addition, 25 million virtual gifts have been purchased monthly. Its own cryptocurrency GTO is the fastest selling ICO with daily trading volume of 20M to 200M per day.

Further information can be found at Join and follow Uplive at and

Learn more about Gifto and virtual gifting:


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