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Jae Anne Millanes, The Top 20 Uplive Worldstage singer, a breast cancer survivor.

Clock is clicking, we are approaching the Semi Final and Final in 2 weeks. Let us continue to hear one of top 20 singers Jae Anne Millanes’ story today.

1. Why did you join the second Uplive Worldstage singing competition?

I have great life stories to share that can inspire multiple hopeless human beings. Uplive could help me have a bigger voice to send my message out to the world on a large scale. As a woman that survived breast cancer, a rape victim, deprived in education when I was a kid, an abandoned child, been through multiple job losses, miscarriage, countless dysfunctional relationships, anxiety and depression and more I can’t share for now. I am proud to say I am still here, alive. When people would understand if I turned out dead, or a drug addict or a prostitute, I persist on living my truth and continued to fight for my spot on earth. I won’t let these experiences define me as human being. This is how I shed light to people who seek answers. How I got through traumas? I dived in a very painful process introspection. I traveled through Thailand, Cambodia and now in Bali, Indonesia to continue on my lifelong journey of self healing, self love and self discovery. Instead of living through survival mode, I have discovered some healthy tools and effective coping strategies to be able to Iive through love and light with a grateful heart.

2 What does inspire you to sing?

I remember hailing a cab (tuktuk) one morning with my dad, I accidentally whistled loudly because the tuktuk driver just drove passed by us. And my dad was shock that I was able to hit such high notes like Mariah Carey. He canceled our trip to the market, brought me straight to the river, shove me in the water, asked to scream my lungs out, I thought he was gonna kill me but that was his way of training me how to sing! 😂 and that’s how I learned my first song “Loving you by Minnie Ripperton”. Since then we were performing all over Davao City Philippines for living. Until I left for China at the age of 18, alone and ended up staying for 15 years but managed to escaped Shanghai’s pandemic lockdown, Went and got stuck in Cambodia for 1 year and 8 months, alone again. Instead of going nuts in isolation, I started studying hypnotherapy to help myself and hopefully help other people in the near future but not only that, I have discovered songwriting which lead me to push and release my first single everrrrr that is out on Spotify now entitled Gray Life by Jaesongtress and the new chapter of Jae Ann’s book begins…

3. How I like my experiences in Uplive/Worldstage so far?

A plethora of emotions. I gained real life friends through uplive that I stay connected with even off Uplive. Uplive pushed me to step out of my comfort zone and join some singing contests when I’m not really into it so it’s very challenging for my inner self. Believing I could impact people’s lives through giving, whether my organized own little charity concert events or random gifting to the talented streamers, It’s gives me a good feeling to be able to share my blessings to my fellow streamers. And that of course after I take care of myself and hit my quotas first.

This contest shakes me from inside out. I can’t wait to feel my fingers tingle again with anxiety and excitement. And I can’t wait to showcase my talent inspired by people who believes in me like my agency and uplive friends who supported me since day one. Happy to be on Top 20 and good luck to all of us contestants on Worldstage Semi and Grand Finals. Let’s have some fun. Just like what the previous winner Zandy said, win or loose -It’s only up from here!😉


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