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October Superslam Auditions 8, 9, 10 Oct!

Superslam October starts this weekend with the Auditions!


First prize 10,000 ucoins

Second prize 6,000 ucoins

Third prize 4,000 ucoins

Phil Award (Social Media Popularity Award)

Highest Likes : 2000ucoins

2nd Highest Likes : 1000ucoins

Who can join Worldstage Superslam?
  1. Anyone with a Talent to showcase as long as you are entertaining! Not only limited to music talents.

  2. Everyone with a valid and active Uplive account can join Worldstage Superslam.

  3. You don't necessarily have to be a contracted host on Uplive to join Worldstage Superslam.

  4. It is open from all Uplive users from every region.

Need some inspiration?

Watch the September 2021 Superslam competition to get a feel and inspiration in preparation of your Worldstage Superslam journey!

Big shoutout to our Worldstage VIPs sponsors!



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