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(V3.0) Sep '21 Quarter Finals Match Fixture

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Updated Fixture Version 3.0

**Change to Sydney date error for Arena B

**Arena A results

Download PDF version here :

Download PDF • 313KB

Quarter Finals rules:

  • Players will be assigned an opponent by Random for a 1 vs 1 knockout battle.

  • Players will take turns to battle with their opponent at allocated time.

  • Players can use their Superslam Items that they own to attack or defend themselves against their opponents. Players will need to announce items they want to use before they perform.

  • Players can only use 1 item of each type in one battle.

  • Judges will cast their votes to player whom they think has the better and more entertaining performance.

  • Each judge has 1 vote

  • 2 minutes will be given to each Player for Audience to send Ucoins support (Fan Vote) to their favorite performer.

  • Whoever has the higher Fan Vote between 2 contestants will get +2 extra votes.

  • Player with the higher vote count will move on to the next round. The other gets knocked out.

Superslam Store will be open at the following Operation Hour

  • New York (Eastern Time) Every Monday 9pm - Wednesday 9am

  • Rio De Janeiro Every Monday 10pm - Wednesday 10am

  • Paris Every Tuesday 3am - Wednesday 3pm

  • Moscow Every Tuesday 4am - Wednesday 4pm

  • Beijing / Manila / Kuala Lumpur Every Tuesday 9am - Wednesday 9pm

  • Sydney Every Tuesday 11am - Wednesday 11pm

To purchase items or any inquiries about Superslam, just start chatting with our Game Masters using chat on the website.

All the best Superslamers!


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