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Stories of Live Streamers — Bob Belcher

In this new Uplive series, we are giving you personal insight to some of our users whose lives have changed for the better because of the app.

Today, we are talking to Bob and hearing his story:

Bob Belcher (UpId: c2679801w )

Started 2016 on a new app as a admirer of live streaming but the app lost its luster which led me to Uplive. I downloaded it in October of 2017 just occasionally opened it as a friend of mine that goes by the username ‘The Real Batman’ came to Uplive USA after it launched in Dec 2017, I automatically became a fan with the addition of outstanding hosts and staff.

I have seen firsthand the care staff used to nurture each host and the hands on experience which allowed me to establish my name and gifter account officially in Feb of 2018. This opportunity led me to became an admin for many hosts, and supporting them in their livestream journey.

By March of that year, I began organizing events between India and USA! Never in my wildest dreams would I be organizing international events for such a large company, and because of my efforts; the team did not let it go unnoticed. The GM of Uplive USA Christine offered me a position as a paid host, and a staff member named Tina helped me alongside other team members become a top host. Immediately after that, I became a featured host and then nominated as 1 of 4 legends on the app!

On my Uplive channel, I am a Talk Show Host, Entertainer, and Cosplay Artist.

I had to overcome the change from gifter to gifter/host which was something new that the app wasn’t used to. Therefore, I was part of the evolution of the app in its early days, and was criticized by my peers that a nobody can’t make it in the steaming apps, few followers on Instagram and Facebook — but with determination I proved them wrong over and over again.


By achieving 50,000 fans in Sept of 2018 and earned my up-badge in time for playlist 2019. I reached 1 million ucoins and earned my verification on Uplive USA. Now, as of today, I am known as The Godfather of Uplive and have 154k fans! Insane.

To all that come to me or in my livestream, I tell them to network to watch other channels. Most of all: don’t give up! My first broadcast, I went 4 hours and received a very low 12 ucoins and said to myself: “Bob, I am a content creator and I’ll make content that my audience will love, cooking, bowling, comedy and cosplay and voice acting I’ve grown to enjoy this app, also I do the mentoring program Uplive academy.”

On April of 2020 because of COVID, I started the Burgerfam agency and we pride ourselves or networking and positivity on the app. We are not the richest agency or the most talented, but we survived the storm and celebrated our 1st year as a agency and my 3rd year as a Top Uplive Host.

My Uplive nickname is Bob Belcher (c2679801w is my upid) and my content talks directly to my audience and gives them content they want to see. Whether it’s 1 person or 12000 people, it’s a experience you can’t forget.

So happy to see you on Uplive! Download now:


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