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Stories of Live Streamers — Patty

Sharing the story from@GlamorousPatty’s perspective on Uplive.

Credit: @GlamorousPatty On Uplive

As a host, I specialize in makeup, and arts and crafts. You can also find me cooking on livestream as well. I’ve just taken all my passions and turned them into content. I also work as an assistant talent manager on the app for two talent managers by scheduling events, hiring, and training new talented hosts coming on to Uplive.

While there are a lot of great hosts on the app, I’d love to welcome new hosts to work directly with me since I am an experienced streamer with over 3 years on Uplive. I also have patience in answering questions and have a deep desire to help others become successful.

In order to find that success, it’s important for streamers to focus on what they are passionate about and what makes them happy. By figuring this out early on, you can learn how to make a living out of doing those things. My biggest advice to people considering going onto the livestreaming app is to not be afraid of stepping outside of their comfort zone and not comparing their journey to someone else’s. When you are consistent and open to learning and growing, you could never be complacent.

Credit: @GlamorousPatty On Uplive

Personally, success is not all about the money. While it’s wonderful to be able to contribute to my family success, for me, is more about reaching others and helping them to see their worth and bringing them a bit of joy through watching my streams and chatting. I have helped many people just by sharing my story and art which fills me up more than any paycheck ever could.

The things I have in store on my Uplive channel will always stem from fresh new ideas as I like to keep my viewers on their toes. That’s part of my creative process since I’m forever growing and evolving which is a big part of my success. I do have plans for some fundraisers to help donate to special causes and raise awareness. I’d like to learn more languages to be able to connect and communicate with more people on the app. That’s what’s next for me, and the best way to find out more is to check out my channel on Uplive @GlamorousPatty


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