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Superslam Registration Now Open!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Uplive first Talent-Game Battle has landed!

You only have to register ONCE to create your Players Profile and walk in to the Auditions based on the Battle Schedules.

First 50 contestants who Register to create their Superslam Player's Profile gets a FREE Medusa Filter attack item from the store:-

FREE Medusa Filter

worth 1000 Gems

Opponent have to turn ON all beauty filters to the max throughout performance!


  • First prize 10,000 ucoins

  • Second prize 6,000 ucoins

  • Third prize 4,000 ucoins

Phil Award (Social Media Fan Fav)

  • Highest Likes : 2000ucoins

  • 2nd Highest Likes : 1000ucoins


Bob Belcher & Phil

of Burgerfam UpID : c2679801w

Who can join Worldstage Superslam?

  1. Anyone with a Talent to showcase as long as you are entertaining! Not only limited to music talents.

  2. Everyone with a valid and active Uplive account can join Worldstage Superslam.

  3. You don't necessarily have to be a contracted host on Uplive to join Worldstage Superslam.

  4. It is open from all Uplive users from every region.


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