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Thank you Uplive by just_jess_ebn

Story submitted by just_jess_ebn Uplive ID: just_jess_ebn

During the last year my regular work in the hotel industry changed completely. Our hotel turned into a Covid-19 hotel for Corona patients. As with many people, this difficult period has taken a lot out of us. I would go home for the weekends and sit alone emotionally and physically drained - we could not invite people over. UpLive USA has helped myself and many others to fill that social void in our lives. Broadcasting helps to give us a sense of purpose and focus. Something to look forward to each day and something that remains constant. No matter the uncertainty in our lives brought about by Covid-19, the UpLive has been our home and our family.

For many of us, Covid-19 hit our family income and as a result a lot of hosts turned to UpLive to showcase there talent and to earn some extra much needed money to support their families or to be able to continue supporting their favourite charities.

I have not seen my folks for over a year and a half and because of UpLive I am not alone. I have a group of wonderful friends and we motivate each other. I can watch and listen to amazing performances that take my mind off of the pandemic.

I can tune into into a wonderful singing broadcast that opens our hearts to the beauty of the Chinese and Philippino culture. When I need to laugh I can watch for example the ‘Godfather of UpLive’ - - a wonderful host from the great state of Texas who has an endless supply of props used to create wonderful comedy shows. We can sit and laugh for hours and completely forget about hardships that we might be experiencing.

Since most of us are unable to travel due to Covid-19 we have been unable to physically expire the world. UpLive allows us to do that. Sitting in a nine-beam broadcast or doing a PK with another host we can interact with people from around the world. We can see their local foods and learn about the beautify of their culture.

As mentioned before UpLive has provided us with a means to earn money by doing something that we love in the comfort of our own homes. Instead of wondering where we will make the money to put food on our tables we can take part in the amazing UpLive USA family and earn a monthly pay check. How much we earn depends on how much we put into the app. Some of my closely friends have had financial difficulties as a result of Covid-19 and were struggling with medical bills. Thanks to UpLive these struggles have been eased. Not out can someone earn money, they can talk about how they are feeling knowing that the UpLive family is there from them. In a true sense UpLive is a mixture of a family, a job and a social network. How often can someone say that they can feel like a family, earn an income and have a great social life all in one place? UpLive makes this possible.

The constant theme is what I have written is not being alone. On UpLive we can find people who are going throughout the same hardships that we are. We can identify with each other and connect and help each other. This is what makes UpLive truly unique.

Thank you UpLive USA for being that family and support that myself and my fellow hosts have needed so much


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