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It's the season for The Big Migration in the Superslam kingdom!

Listen up!

Within the next 24 hours the SWITCH SCROLL item is available FREE to claim for immediate use!

Switch Scroll

Allows Guild Legends or Players to switch to another Guild of their choice.

1x claim per individual and 1x use only

**Not applicable to Guild Masters

Please claim and use using ONLY the chat on this website. Requests via any other channels (eg. Telegram, Line, Wechat, etc) will not be entertained.

"Should I switch?"
  1. The Superslam competition not only requires talent, but also requires leadership, teamwork, strategy, coordination and communication.

  2. Guild Masters, Legends, Guardians and Players will need to work together seamlessly to level up, prepare for battles and to get the support they need.

  3. If you feel that being in your current Guild does not provide you the ecosystem you need there's now a chance to either stay & step up to grow your Guild OR move to a new Guild.

  4. The decision is yours! Decide wisely!

Clock is ticking....

To check the current status of Guilds or reach out to the Guild Masters :



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