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This Is It. Worldstage Grand Finals!

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Grand Finals Schedule

Worldstage Grand Finals Fixture

Download the PDF here!

Download PDF • 286KB
Grand Final rules:

Segment 1 : DO IT FOR THE FAM

  • This round will be to test your ability to network and market yourselves on Uplive as musicians and artists! Do it for the fans and meet your monthly goals!

  • Order of the performance has been decided by a Random Wheel. This will put your fam support, communication & coordination to the test. Link up immediately when your name is chosen by the wheel, wait time 2 minutes so be ready! Contestants who are late or delayed due to technical issues will be immediately disqualified decided by the Judging Panel.

  • Players will do one solo performance to impress the audience.

  • Maximum time to perform is 5 minutes ONLY

  • Audience will send Fan Votes (uCoins support) to vote for their favorite contestant.

  • Peach Heart gifts will not be counted

  • Fan Votes can be sent to contestant box any time throughout their performance.

  • Players in the Grand Finals will be ranked according to their Fan Votes.

  • Top 7 in the rank will battle again immediately in the Final Showdown segment with one more solo performance to determine the Champion, Second and Third place.

  • Gift sharing : 10% only (Peach Heart, Floral Umbrella, Blue Enchantress and other 1ucoins value gift will not be calculated)


  • Please do your best to perform because Segment 1 will also be judged by the judges to select the Best Regional Contestant.

  • 1 Best Regional Contestant will be selected from the following regions (Latin America, Indonesia, Japan, UK/Europe, Nigeria)

  • Each Regional Winner will get 2,500ucoins (unless they win the Main Prize)


  • Top 7 in from Segment 1 will battle for Champion, 2nd and 3rd

  • Judges will cast their votes. Players with the highest Judge votes will win!

  • No uCoins support is necessary during this segment.

  • **Top 7 contestants will be awarded the rank of Legend to join in Legend-only events and activities organized by Uplive Worldstage.

Promote your battle

Download these assets to promote your battle.

Battle Promo Posters (click to download)

Download your Avatar

Download your personalized avatars or the blank template above to customize it.

Rewatch the May 2022 Grand Finals here!


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