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Top 10 Story - GhostVoice who put his soul and heart into every performance.

As many of you may already know, Worldstage Grand Final is changed to 9PM Est 26 Feb due to COVID. At the same time, we will announce the People’s Choice winner on 23 Jan to appreciate all the participants’ hard work to hold this stage.

Let us meet one of the Top 10 contestants, GhostVoice, a Philippines Singer, who pursues singing as his profession out of his true passion. Music has always been the escape for him.

"I started out here on Uplive just going around and singing to random people without opening my camera thus to keep my identity hidden and more on pushing out the music and musical style I wanted to share to the people on Uplive."

UPID : ghostvoice

1.) Why did you join the Uplive Worldstage?

I joined Worldstage Uplive because this is really a great opportunity for me to share the "GhostVoice Experience". I wanted to prove to the music community and the world that there are a lot of singers around the globe that aren't given the equal opportunity and chance to have their voices heard.

I wanted to be an advocate to Artists that Singing and Music are more than just a Pretty face or someone that looks good in the camera. It is about the Soul and Heart of the person put in every Craft. They make the persona of the Artist themselves put into every song and performance they show. I want to be an Inspiration to those that have not gone out of their shells and comfort zones that there will always be people looking up to you and are willing to support you. Your passion is the matter of being in the right crowd and constantly pushing yourself to be the best at your craft. Lastly this prize for this event would be very helpful if ever I win as I am Planning to Donate these to Victims of the Typhoon here in the Philippines last December.

2.) What does inspire you in singing?

The thing that inspired me the most is my family, the fact that for years and years I have been trying to push out my music, my passion to my family but since they aren't that supportive when it comes to music, I have always been shunned and looked downed upon by my family due to my interest do not align with them. Singing has been my coping mechanism for many years of Alcoholism and being clinically diagnosed with depression up until recently. It has saved me from a lot of the bad things I did in the past.

3.) How do you like their experiences so far?

The Worldstage experience has been great so far , there are a lot of hardworking performers in this competition. It is great to see familiar faces and new ones who are very inspiring. They all have their own stories. I met new singers with skills. It is great to be in this community where artists get to meet and hear different artists from around the globe and could even spark new collaborations among artiest.


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