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Uplive Avatar Ruling - What now?

Updated: Mar 28, 2022

Hello Worldstage community! ♥♥♥

In view of the recent announcement by Uplive USA staff with regards to the usage of Avatars here are our recommendations to our community!

  1. Please comply to Uplive USA rules with regards to your Cover Photo!

  2. This should apply to your Solo stream or Party Lives if you are the host.

  3. We recommend you to continue using your Worldstage Avatars (eg. Superslam, TGOR, Spicy Host Auction, Legends, Legends Livehouse, etc) in the following recommended ways :-

    1. Use the Worldstage avatars as promotion for your participation.

    2. You can post it as one of your Secondary Profile picture, avoid setting as Cover Photo when you stream, but you can switch to the Worldstage Avatar when you join in the Worldstage event as participant or audience.

    3. You can also share your Avatar as promotion on your Moments, Social Media, group chats etc.

Have fun and time to level up your photography or selfie skills!!!

Official Uplive USA Staff Announcement



Moving forward all cover photo/profile photos must be a high quality photo that includes the host’s face and must not be in violation of our cover photo regulations.

Cover Photo Do’s

Must use your own photo

Clear HD Photo Quality

Headshot or full body pose with non-messy background

Showcase your personality!

Cover Photo Don’ts

Blurry photo

Photo re-sized with a border

Photo with graphics

Photo with writing

Photo showcasing behaviors that are against our community guidelines

Cover photos in violation will not be featured on Hotlist and the photos will be removed by our operations team.

Thank you for your continued support and effort in making the Uplive community safe, successful, and fun!

-Uplive Staff


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