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Uplive features Miyou in its February celebrity story as one of Uplive USA's most successful hosts

Updated: Nov 22, 2022


Asian-American superstar Miyou is Uplive’s Celebrity of the Month for February. Since joining the platform in March 2018, she has become one of Uplive’s most successful hosts. As an Asian American, Miyou was exposed to both Asian and American cultures, thus giving her a unique perspective on life and ability to interact with people from different cultures really well. She can speak multiple languages and sing songs in different languages. Miyou currently holds the record for the most uCoins (monetized gifts) collected in the entire US region and has one of the most engaged, dedicated fan bases as well. Miyou has proven herself to be a highly effective host by bridging the gap between both American and Asian cultures and being a consistent and entertaining host for people all over the world.

Born in Seoul, and then later moved to California when she was 8 years old, Miyou was exposed to both Western and Asian cultures. Due to her having a foot in both worlds, she is able to talk to audiences in each region in an engaging and relatable manner. With such an international background, Miyou considers herself a citizen of the world and has learned to grow genuine personal connections with people regardless of their nationality. This desire to engage with a global community has been helped by Uplive, where Miyou has been able to share her talents with a diverse and international audience.

Miyou has made it a priority to make sure she engages with her audience, and learn their stories. She rejects the notion that host-fan engagement should be one-sided and takes the time to learn about her supporters as people, and not just fans. While Miyou is passionate about sharing her singing talents, she recognizes that the beauty of live-streaming is the ability to interact with others in an open dialogue, and is never too busy to respond to a question in her chat.

Many use live-streaming simply as a way to gain fans and make money, yet despite her success, Miyou has made building connections on Uplive her primary purpose, and has been rewarded for simply staying true to who she is.

Miyou is representative of the unique brand of talent found on Uplive. One that is cross-cultural, highly-skilled, and most of all, authentic. Support Miyou on Uplive, and discover what other talents are waiting to be discovered on one of the world’s fastest growing live-streaming apps.

Stay connected to Miyou and millions of talents around the world, download Uplive now, available on Google Play and Apple Store.

Uplive is a rapidly growing mobile live-streaming application which allows users to interact with their favorite influencers and hosts in-real-time, thus providing an innovative and direct form of engagement between idols and their fans. However, Uplive is much more than just this. Uplive is a community where people can develop lasting friendships and share life’s pleasures and wonderful moments together. This community is also a place where anyone can showcase their talents, personality, dreams, and goals to the entire world.

Uplive is the brain-child of Chinese tech giant “Asia Innovations Group”, or “AIG” for short. AIG was co-founded in 2013 by the most experienced leaders in Asia’s mobile-entertainment industry. With founders from both domestic and foreign tech incumbents including Tencent, Google, and Zynga, AIG brings the best of Asia’s mobile innovations to the international market.


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