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Win 23,000 uCoins This September!

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Thank to our September proud sponsor of Worldstage, Bob Belcher & Phil our prize pool for the first ever Superslam battle is......

First prize 10,000 ucoins

Second prize 6,000 ucoins

Third prize 4,000 ucoins

Wait... there's more!

We are also giving out the Phil Award

for the most voted contestants which will be featured on our Worldstage Social Media!

Phil & Bob Belcher, of the Burgerfam Agency
Phil & Bob Belcher, of the Burgerfam Agency

The Phil Award

Based on individual contestant's socia media post on Worldstage Facebook Page;

Highest Likes : 2000ucoins 2nd Highest Likes : 1000ucoins

Voting will starts 6th September and ends 26th September (USA time)

Thank you Phil & Bob Belcher, of the Burgerfam Agency!

Follow Bob Richardson on Instagram and ask him today about being getting started as a live streamer on Uplive.

Wait there's more!

Did you know that battling and winning Battles will earn you Superslam Gems?

Yes, Gems are in-game rewards where we turn your uCoin support from battles into Gems; and on top of that accomplishing battles and tasks will earn your even more Gems.

You can then use your Gems to purchase items at the Superslam Store to prepare for the next battles.

Gems can be carried forward to next battles or next month competition (*ahem* if you didnt make it this time, touchwood) to level up your item inventory to increase your chance of winning the competition!

Players Gems Level Up Chart

Fan votes during battles 1ucoin = +1 Gem

Every round Win = +2000 Gems

Champion = +30,000 Gems 2nd Place = +25,000 Gems

3rd Place = +20,000 Gems

4th Place = +15,000 Gems

5th Place = +10,000 Gems

**Players can also gain addition Gems by participating in other Worldstage Activities. Watch out for announcements!

Guild Wealth Level Up Chart

Guilds Masters and its Legends can also work together to mentor their guild members and also participate in Legend activities to gain Gems that they can use to purchase items for their member's battles!

New member = +1000 Gems

Champion = +30,000 Gems 2nd Place = +25,000 Gems 3rd Place = +20,000 Gems 4th Place = +15,000 Gems 5th Place = +10,000 Gems Legends Hosting music party = +5000 Gems / week Legends Participate in Legends Livehouse = +10,000 Gems Legends Judging / Performing at Worldstage events = +1000 Gems

How cool is that!

So start battling and levelling up!

"You know wats good.....!"


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