Weekly Auction Rules


Weekly Auction Rules

  • Spicy Game Host Auction is about fun and games, so come ready to play and have a good time!

  • Host on sale will have to be in the beam for 30 minutes.

  • Minimum bid starts at 888ucoins.

  • Admins will screenshot your Board before and after your 30 minutes.

  • Your personal Top Bidder will be given a Privilege. Each week's Privilege may be different.

  • Example of a Privilege is your Top Bidder can change your Uplive name and profile picture to something of their choice for a week.

  • After the Bid you may choose to state how should your Bidder contact you for Privilege arrangements.

  • We will not allow anything political, sexual. vulgar or offensive. You may raise a complaint about Bidders to Worldstage Admins.


  • Weekly Auction will contain different sets of mini games every week.

  • Mini Games would take place during the 30 minutes of auction.

  • Hosts can try to do their best to win the themed Mini Games for extra ucoins rewards from Worldstage / Uplive.

  • Do your best as this is to also keep things fun and exciting! Stay home if you're not game!


  • Any hosts are welcome to join and interact with other participants in Spicy Games or any other interesting activities hosted by Worldstage. The most important thing is to achieve respecting tasks in the most interesting way!

  • Participants are required to replace their profile picture to our special profile picture given. Download here

  • You’re always welcome to contact our Worldstage’s Game Masters if you have any inquiries and complaints as well.


  • Host will need to carry out the punishment with immediate effect.

  • Once Top bidders has been confirmed, each host will need to reach out to their Top Bidders to make punishment arrangements.

  • Delays are not allowed for punishment unless Top Bidder agrees.

  • Top Bidders are not allowed to arrange any punishments relating to political, sexual harassment, sexual attractions, violence or intimidation.

  • If host have special events like Official PKs or Livehouse the host can temporarily pause the punishment but will need to continue punishment right after.

  • Bidders can lodge a complaint using the chat on the Worldstage Website to alert our admins if any host do not cooperate or avoid punishment.

  • Host that do not cooperate or avoid punishment will be banned from playing this game.



Become our Top Bidder to enjoy benefits with lots of exclusive prizes, VIP slots at our event, and the decision making for our mini games and many more!

If you are one of the top bidders, please contact one of the game masters to join our VIP Club!