Congratulation on becoming Spicy Games Auction’s Top Bidder!


The rules for Spicy Games Auction’s Top Bidder

  • Host will need to carry out the punishment with immediate effect.

  • Once Top bidders has been confirmed, each host will need to reach out to their Top Bidders to make punishment arrangements.

  • Delays are not allowed for punishment unless Top Bidder agrees.

  • Top Bidders are not allowed to arrange any punishments relating to political, sexual harassment, sexual attractions, violence or intimidation.

  • If host have special events like Official PKs or Livehouse the host can temporarily pause the punishment but will need to continue punishment right after.

  • Bidders can lodge a complaint using the chat on the Worldstage Website to alert our admins if any host do not cooperate or avoid punishment.

  • Host that do not cooperate or avoid punishment will be banned from playing this game.


If you have any complaints or inquiries regarding Tomyam Thursday or Worldstage, please head to and click on the chat button located at the bottom-right to talk to our Game Masters.

Other than that, we have already updated the rankings list into the website, come and check it out!

Good luck and have fun!


Worldstage's Spicy Games Host's Auction! Spicy Thursday Thursday Host's Auction is an entertaining event! Participants of the auction will need to stay at Video Live for at least 30 minutes and within this 30 minutes, players will bid you through gifts and the minimmum amount of bid is 888 uCoins! The highest bidder will be able to change the host's profile name and profile picture for 1 week!



Become our Top Bidder to enjoy benefits with lots of exclusive prizes, VIP slots at our event, and the decision making for our mini games and many more!

If you are one of the top bidders, please contact one of the game masters to join our VIP Club!