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Anchors Int’l Agency


IT by day, Gamer by night. Ares plays a variety of games such as Overwatch, Apex Legends, Fortnite, Genshin Impact, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts on PC, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile.

Ares’ love for video games started at the age of 5, during high school he started playing shooter games, and that’s the time he joins local tournaments.

After finishing college, game streaming started to rise and he decided to start his streaming career on Facebook, and later found his way to Uplive.

Ares is known for streaming his games vertically, utilizing OBS effects and overlays. He also does monthly giveaway raffles for his fans group members on Uplive.

Outside of gaming and streaming, he is an IT Professional working for a bank, goes to the gym, is a dog lover, and loves going to the beach.


Catch me live on Uplive :

4-7PM / 8-10PM PH

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