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PositiveVibes Agency


Multiple DJ & Radio & DJ Producer From The UK

DJBazzelbean moved to Suffolk around 1998. His passion for music is draw dropping, you can't live without it And wanted to share with the world the love for music how much it can bring joy, happiness, emotion, spine chilling effect, every weekday and weekend.

When DJBazzelbean found that he could combine his passion for music with work and began playing Trance/House and other variety of music in nightclubs and online internet radio stations all across the UK.

Now DJBazzelbean plays variety of music:
Trance/Tech/Prog/Electro-House/Hardstyle/Hard-Trance/DnB/Dubstep/Jumpstyle/House/Dance/Hard-Dance/Hard-Core/Psychedelic Trance.

From around 128, the style always depends on the organizer's demands and of course on the people on the dancefloor. DJBazzelbean believes that there is always good music in every genre, it just takes time to find it for that draw dropping moment.

DJBazzelbean is always looking for the right tracks 'that which is not played by other DJS' combined with 'that which is different from the rest of Us' using 'breaks and drops that will surprise' over time and time again'. This open-minded and inovative thinking is one of DJBazzelbean strengths as a DJ.

DJBazzelbean is a real mind teaser in the sense of music styles and structures and his sets can go everywhere. Focusing at the most important part of the DJ's job to please the dancefloor - to COMMUNICATE with the crowd and make them go wild for more - Achieve an understanding of what they want to hear without exchanging a single word to the crowd!

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