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Evolution Plus PH


Ally Robles, popularly known as Choji, is a 19 year old broadcasting student. He was raised by his mother with ballad songs. But as he grew up many things had changed as his voice was developed into lower register. He was confused as to how and what he would do that time. Fortunately he found another genre that would perfectly fit his voice as an alternate style for him and there goes the RNB. It was never too easy for him to adjust but nothing will happen if he will continue doing nothing.

He is relatively shy and never want to sing in front of people. His mother "Michelle" introduced him to Uplive to help him gain some confidence last May 1, 2021. She would force him to join contest with her but Choji rejects her offers all the time. Sadly September 5, 2021 his mother died. There's no one to force him to join contests but after sometime an unexpected person came. The person was called "Ate Jen". Ate Jen is a friend he met online that inspired him to join contest especially the Worldstage Superslam. The first time he joined on "March 2022" was a failure but it doesn't stop him from joining it again the next month. Month of "April 2022" is a wrapped, Choji became a legend and was called "Mr. Level Up". He grew and grew and grew as he perform every round. His friends "Eggshells" and agency "Evolution Plus PH" were both there to support him that day.

His heart was full of happiness because there are lots of people now that believes in him. He never imagined that he will get bunches of people rooting for him. It might seemed the end but the new Choji is like a phoenix who will go further with fire as high as he can.

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