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D' Animo Agency


Harley is a singer/performer from Isabela. Ever since college, he has been performing in a lot of events with his Band called Halfway Velocity. He is trying really hard to achieve his dreams. Harley graduated as a Computer Engineer but due to the rise of the pandemic, opportunities have become farther away. So he tried seeking for solutions. He auditioned on TV shows but got rejected many times so he felt like quitting.

He was invited into a streaming platform where he found joy while doing what he really love which is singing. He eventually saw an ad about Worldstage and tried his luck and won the first place. He said the competition have changed a lot of his streaming life, he get to perform in front of celebrity judges that did not really happened before.

He is very grateful to those who have supported him all through out the competition especially to his Agency, D’A Agency, to his Teams Haphi, and Spider, all his friends from all teams and to all the Team Leaders from his agency!

He is more thankful to God for giving him this opportunity and to Uplive, to all of his family and friends. He promised to use his prize to build up their small business of milk tea shop and to have it saved for future plans. He is also very excited to work with Miss Paula Abdul.

“I am really grateful that Uplive happened to me! I was not expecting that a huge opportunity like this would come to me. This is just the beginning of me making all my dreams come true.” - Harley

在 Uplive 上直播我:

8:00AM to 11:00 AM Philippines time

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