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Started his streaming career late in the 2020 and officially joined Uplive in June of 2021 under Tune Squad agency.

JFER started out originally as a Dancer. Later on, leaning he also has a talent in singing. He has that trademark voice shift wherein he can sing both male and female songs with his unique range. He likes singing songs by female artists such as Celine Dion, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey and Regine Velasquez songs. Alternatively, he also likes singing songs from male artists such as Erik Santos, Janno Gibbs, etc.

His biggest achievement as of late, was placing 3rd in the recent Uplive Worldstage, thus granting him the tile LEGEND.

Still at the very ripe age of 24, JFER has a long but bright road ahead of his music and dancing career. More room to grow, and more achievements to be unlocked. Follow his journey here in Uplive!

在 Uplive 上直播我:

Random days and times (Philippines)

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