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Born and raised in the Philippines May 26, 1983. Took up BS Tourism in college, I was a member of a theater organization called ""Batingaw"" in college and at the same time I do gigs at night. When my Father passed away i've decided to stop school and focus on getting overseas gigs so I could help my mom financially.

The first time I sang with a band was in highschool seniors prom and that same band we always jam in the garrage. Until one time a profesional band manager overheard my voice singing ""Shy Guy"" by Diana King and he got so interested to put me on his band. I was 15 years old that time and since my band is just really doing it for fun they let me go and I became a member of the band ""Rhythmix"". We played in many bars and 5-star hotels in Manila until they invited me to come with them to do overseas gigs. I was very excited when they invited me however, I had to ask my mom and since I was underage I was not able to do it. I got transferred to another band called ""Miyajima"" and continued gigs inside and outside Manila, and we also did few gigs for big company events like ""Globe and Smart communications"" after a couple of years one of my sister's bestfriend introduced me to someone who could help me to get to Japan to sing as a solo singer.

I started showing up and auditioning every time they have client looking for solo singers, but instead of going to Japan another Band Manager discovered me and added me to her son's band. In 2004 I became one of the member of ""Evolution Band"" and did my very first overseas gig to Abu Dhabi, UAE. We got an invitation to do the opening of ""Blue Bay Club and Discotheque"" in Marina Yacht Club. Few months after that, we had to go back to the Philippines to continue with our local gigs.

2005, I got transferred to a different band called ""ForeFront"" we did a gig at Rotana Hotel in Al Ain, UAE. 2 years after we had to go back home and again continued with local gigs for a couple of month. I got transferred back to my old band ""Evolution"" in 2007 and we had to fly back to UAE where did a gig at The President Hotel in Dubai, also at that gig we opened for two Filipino artist's concerts in Dubai (Kitchie Nadal and Kamikazee).

After a year and 8 months I had to go home myself and leave my band. I took a break and traveled for leisure for few months, and spent more time with my family. 2009 i started doing local Gigs again till i met my next band ""Vindicated"". We did many gigs around Malaysia from late 2009 until 2011. During 2011, I was on my final gig Hilton Hotel in Putrajaya, Malaysia. Thereafter, I decided to retire and focus on having my own Family, I was almost 28 years old when I decided to finally settle down.

在 Uplive 上直播我:

After Lunch and After Midnight Philippines Time

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