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Kurt Alvin Paras is a multi-faceted vocalist with a vast knowledge of music. Though not educationally trained in music, he can keep up with other vocalist' in talent and vocal prowess. He loves listening to old and new music. Although he appreciate a good song cover, he prefers sticking to its original version to give homage to the composer. He composes his own music, with multiple releases on different streaming platforms worldwide.

He specializes in rock ballads, rock anthems and 80's to early 90's rock music. But he can also be flexible in any genre. He could be your band frontman, and also be your wedding singer.

Kurt is a husband to Milcah and Dad to Bree and Marcio.

- YouLight Band Lead Vocalist from 2012 to Present

- Male Vocal Soloist For Marciano Paras Philharmonic Orchestra

- Recording Artist with Multiple songs on Spotify and other streaming platforms. 

- House Band For Goshen Resort and Hotel

- Composed 30+ songs to date

- Collabed with the Legend Hitmaker, Mr. Vehnee Saturno for the song "Sinungaling Ako" 

在 Uplive 上直播我:

Daily from 9-12AM Philippines time

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