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I started with UPLIVE Month of May 2021, more fondly known as "Tatay Mojoe", 2 months later I became a part of Worldstage as one of the "Legends". Just like, Skylark, I am fortunate enough to have won several Grand Championships, Recognitions and Titles in and out UpLive, to mention a few in UPLIVE : KING OF TIMELESS CLASSICS, OLDIES BUT GOODIES, CLASH OF THE CLASSICS , MY LOVE PLAYLIST , A DECEMBER TO REMEMBER, OMG CHRISTMAS, LOVE SONGS ARE FOREVER, AETERNUS TIMELESS SONGS, JUST FOR LAUGH, CHAMPION OF THE CHAMPIONS, ESTILO, JAZZ FOR YOU, THE WAY YOU STREAM, CLASSIC OPM, ISLOW ROCK MO BABY, CHILL ITS MELLOW, BRING BACK MEMORIES, DREAM CATHER, REVIVAL PLAYLIST, SWITCH BATTLE, JUST CHILLIN, ........ TO BE CONTINUED🤣

在 Uplive 上直播我:

4PM to 6PM / 9AM to 11AM Philippines time

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