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"Wonder why her uplive name is “NarsJane”? That’s because Jane Valmera Scrima was born and raised in Leyte, Philippines, a “proud bisdak” but she is also a nurse. In her bisdak (bisaya) language she pronounced “nurse” as a “nars”, now that’s why her name is “NarsJane”.

NarsJane began discovering her love of music during her kindergarten year. At the age of 6 (1995), she started performing on the stage in front of many people. As years passed by, she started to join singing contests in school and joined amateur singing contests at different places in the province of Leyte. Not all the contests she joined were successful, sometimes she came home empty-handed. However, she never losses hope and is dedicated to performing for her own happiness.

She used to be a singer and performer in South Korea, she joined the military rising star and became one of the grand finalists and showcased her singing career. She is now residing in the USA, the state of Louisiana. She is a nurse with 2 beautiful kids. Currently, she still participates and performs in events in the U.S. and joins singing contests when she can.

She’s inspired by the music of Shirley Bassey, Adele, The Carpenters and love me to sing broadway, soul and, pop soft rock music."

在 Uplive 上直播我:

Between 01:00-07:00 PM CST

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