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She started singing at the age of 7 and joined a singing contest at age of 14 but failed. After that, she never joined any singing contests and just being contented on doing some intermission numbers on some events. Queen Zhah is so much in love with music and as she grows up, music is her only way out of her depression. Her favorite songs are ""Welcome to My Life, Creep, Iris and Fix You"" as they're the songs she's been wanting to tell people about her.

Queen Zhah's dream is to perform in a big crowd but been afraid of rejections and failures so she tries to forget her talent and focus on her career as a teacher.

Then the pandemic happened, she got this app called UPLIVE. She's been struggling at first since she doesn't know how to talk with other people there. She's doubting what she can offer. She's having doubts even on herself.

But then everything changes when she meets a lot of people who believe in her that she can; that she can conquer her fear and as of March 2022 she joined Uplive Worldstage and clinched second place as Worldstage Legend.

在 Uplive 上直播我:

9:50 PM PHT onwards

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