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With a voice so beautiful and unique, Ricca will surely captivate anyone who listens to her singing. From classical music, broadway, to jazz, and pop, this versatile artist always delivers extraordinary performances. Her talent goes beyond just performing - Ricca is also a songwriter and composer, and has already collaborated with various local & foreign producers and artists. An amazing soprano, writer, composer, theater actress, and host - this is Ricca.

Holding a double degree in communication and journalism, and juggling corporate work and freelance gigs does not stop Ricca from pursuing her passion in music. Since high school, she has been trained as a singer through her musician parents as well as her music instructors. Until now, Ricca has been performing with a choir and as a solo vocalist in various events and competitions, and is continuously learning vocal techniques to improve her skill.

Performances & Competitions
As a consistent champion, it is no doubt that she has a voice that is capable of capturing anyone’s attention. She always bags winning titles in various local vocal competitions and has made a name in her hometown in Malolos City, Bulacan. Internationally, she became part of the representatives of the Philippines in the World Championships of the Performing Arts last 2020.

Pandemic hit and Ricca discovered Uplive, an online streaming app for artists. Since December 2020, she has already swept multiple championship titles from competitions in the app, with one notable accomplishment being the Uplive Worldstage Championship which she bagged in January 2021.

Music Genre
Ricca sings beautiful classical and broadway pieces. However, this versatile singer is also known for her superb belting skills, soothing jazz renditions, and electrifying pop voice that the audience always find mesmerizing and entertaining.

Ricca also has a knack for songwriting. With her guitar and keyboard, and her sharp ear for music, she collaborates with many local producers and artists to create music that ranges from gospel, pop, corporate jingles, and ballads. One of her recent published works is a pop song made in collaboration with award-winning American producer FunkeeBoy.

If you are interested to collaborate with Ricca or invite her to perform in an event, you may reach out to her at or message her on Instagram @reinaricca.

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