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Attacking, Defending, Wealth and Passes!

How to Attack? How to Defend? How to win without uCoin support??

Read the below to maximize your chances of winning when everyone is just so darn talented!

Using Attack and Defense weapons is now simplified as battle Actions!

To attack during battles

  • Inform host or type "Attack" in chat

  • Host will spin Lucky 9 to pick random number once

  • 0 - 9 , number chosen will randomly determine Attack weapon

  • Opponent will choose to defend or accept attack.

To defend if attacked

  • Inform host or type "Defend" in chat

  • Host will spin Lucky 9 to pick random number once

  • 0 - 9, odd number = escape attack , even number = defend fail

  • Only 1 chance to defend for 1 attack.

**Each action to Attack or Defend during battle will be a flat cost of 5000 Gems deducted from you or your Guild's wealth.

Buying & using Wealth Items
  1. Buy Wealth Items in advance as assurance for uCoins support safety.

  2. Use website chat to buy before battle.

  3. Inform host at battles before uCoin support time if u want to use Wealth Item.

  4. Additional amount will be added to your uCoin support based on Wealth Item used.

**HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you are unsure about your uCoin support ability from your family / supporters.

Buying & Using Passes & Avatars
  1. Buy Passes in advance.

  2. Use website chat to buy or use Pass or Avatar by chatting with Game Masters.

  3. Each Pass & Avatar has its own usage and conditions.

I don't have enough Gems, what do I do?
  1. Actively engage your Guild mates, Guild Master, Guild Legends and Guardians.

  2. Level up by networking and seeking for support. It won't land your way without any effort to network!

Visit the Store & network with your Guild!


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