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September Worldstage Knockouts Match Fixture

Updated: September 13

Worldstage Knockouts Match Fixture v1.0

Download the PDF here!

Download PDF • 479KB
  1. Give it your best and most exciting performance! #dontgetoutperformed

  2. Opponent assigned by Random

  3. 1 VS 1 battle according to fixed schedule. Performance max duration 3 minutes. (Please keep your introduction SHORT)

  4. Outperform your opponent!!

  5. Judges vote for favorite contestants ( 1 Judge 1 vote). Minimum of 10 Judges in panel each day.

  6. 2 minutes uCoin support after performance.

  7. Contestant with more uCoin support +2 extra votes

  8. Who has more total votes pass on to next round.

  9. If results is a tie, 2 minutes extra time for uCoin support. Judge votes will no longer count. Contestant with the higher uCoin support will proceed to the next round.

  10. Wildcards available to revive opponent based on Judges voting.

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All the best! #dontbeboring


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